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Our Support

Spiritual Warfare Ministries is run completely on faith. We never charge for our services. Most of our supporters are individuals. It is generally very difficult to gain the support of churches for this type of ministry. More and more churches only support denominational projects.

There is a great need to educate Christians concerning the spiritual conflict which is claiming many casualties. The enemy is relentless in his attack against God’s people just as is recorded in the scriptures. People all over the world are eager to learn more about spiritual warfare.

We need your prayer and financial support. Would you like to become a partner of this ministry?

We are a registered non-profit religious organization.

Our Mission

Our calling is to work in the Lord’s authority and power to set the captives free and expose the enemy’s work. Spiritual bondages vary according to the cultures in which they work. In the west, the cunning subtlety of spiritual warfare and spiritual bondages often go unnoticed by the “enlightened.”

Our burden is to teach and train others in a balanced Biblical way about the spiritual warfare which Christians face, seeking to rob them from their victory in Christ. Satan has gained an advantage against Christians, because many have not been properly discipled and grounded in the principles of God’s Word and lack in a great way the discernment God wants His people to exercise.

Ministry Profile

We are an independent evangelical ministry that is based just north of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. We have ministered to those who have been referred to us and taught and trained in churches and missions.

We have conducted spiritual warfare leadership training in the United States, Europe and Africa. We also correspond with Christian workers all over the world, providing advice and guidance when requested.

Our approach to ministry has been one that is gentle, loving and scripturally sound. We avoid sensationalism and have shut down the demonstrations of the enemy when they manifested, preferring the witness of the Holy Spirit for this ministry instead.