Tru Belleza: The Better Alternative To Rejuvenating The Aging Of Skin

As age catches up with a person, it leaves clear signs on the body. It leaves clear fine lines on the skin and wrinkles. One solution to this issue is plastic surgery. This is a procedure that is meant to bring back an individual’s youthful looks back. It is a solution to this problem but has two main disadvantages. One is that the recovery process after surgery may take quite some time and the second one would be the complications that are associated with surgery.

Argireline Effects Work Much Like Botox

tru belleza productsIn today’s world, everyone wants a quick fix to their problem. Some even think that simple fixes like not smiling,  facial exercises or fighting gravity will do the trick. In fact it goes deeper than that, although our face is made up of many muscles, that causes the wrinkles are the lack of the nutrients it needs, and oxidation. The issue of wrinkles on anyone’s body also has a quick and easy fix. The skin industry designed Argireline to work pretty much the same as Botox. It is sometimes called Botox in a jar. The only major difference between Botox and Argireline is that Botox is injected by a doctor while the natural cream is applied directly to the skin just like a cream or serum.

It works by somehow inhibiting movement of muscles. It is made up of peptides which are chains of amino acids that are capable of affecting how the cells in the body work. When it is applied on to the skin, it is absorbed into the body and its chemical composition causes facial muscles to contract with minimal force. This is what leads to the disappearance of wrinkles and fine lines from the skin. It is an effective product and users often experience reduction in wrinkles and fine lines up to 30 percent.

Argireline Is A Facial Cream, Unlike Botox Injections

One main difference between Botox and Argireline is that Botox is injected into the skin which enables it to reach deep into the skin in the lower skin called the dermis while the other is in cream form and does not penetrate deep into the skin. Creams with properties like these are a better alternative for those who don’t approve of cosmetic surgeries, even if they are minor like botox. A great cream, called Tru Belleza, new to the market has been very popular due to the fact that it has been tested by the company, it works because it is made up of premium materials. The use of Argireline may produce different results between people with thick skin and those with thin skin. It is easily absorbed by thin skin compared to thick skin. People with thick skin may take some time before they see any results compared to those with thin skin. As a person ages, their skin becomes thin and at this point compounds in the cream become more easily absorded.

Lately there have been concerns that this product makes skin sag with long time use. It is therefore important that any individual who wishes to use this compound contacts a doctor first. It is available over the internet and so it is easily accessible. When choosing this chemical compound, choose the one with the highest concentration because it will give best results. A physician would normally recommend Argireline with a concentration of 10 percent or higher.

This compound has greatly helped individuals with real age-defying issues find a solution to their issue for a fraction of the cost for Botox or Surgery. The compound is really effective and reduces wrinkles easily. One could couple the compound with other creams that can rejuvenate the skin over time giving it a youthful look within the shortest time possible.