Multiple Holistic Uses of Diatomaceous Earth

Mother Nature never ceases to surprise us with her gifts that keep on giving, and diatomaceous earth or DE is one of natures holistic alternative solutions. For the uninitiated, diatomaceous earth is a soft powder that is made from the fossilized remains of diatoms, which are hard-shelled algae. DE is hard, has high silica content and looks cylindrical when viewed under a microscope. FDA classifies food grade diatomaceous earth as “Generally Recognized as Safe” allowing it to be used in common household items such as toothpaste and even in the clarification of beer and wine.

On the home front, there are lots of useful things that diatomaceous earth is used for, and you don’t even need to be a scientist to pull of the many recipes of which DE is a part. Here are the 15 uses of diatomaceous earth that you should be familiar with: Makes a great natural deodorant DE is a great way to neutralize the odors that tend to accumulate in the underarm area in the course of a day’s work.

The great thing about using diatomaceous earth as a deodorant is that it works with no irritation, is not alkaline and does not interfere with the body natural perspiration process. diatomaceous earth supplements

Healthy toothpaste for clean, healthy teeth.

Diatomaceous earth is abrasive and therefore a good choice for effective stain removal. If you have any stubborn stains on your teeth that need removing, sprinkle a little DE over your toothpaste or homemade tooth powder and you’re good to go.

Facial scrub for a glowing skin.

Not only is diatomaceous earth very fine and thus gently exfoliating, it is also packed with minerals such as calcium, magnesium and zinc, which are absorbed into the skin for a healthier, glowing skin.

Boosts collagen production

The high silica content in DE is good news for anyone worried about their collagen production. Collagen is the main structural protein in the body, and you need it to make sure your skin doesn't sag. Hair nourishment Although DE is too harsh for washing hair (due to its abrasive nature), the high silica content makes it extremely nourishing for hair. If you want shinier, healthier hair consider consuming food grade DE once in a while.

Strengthens nails

Along with keeping your hair looking gorgeous, silica boosts growth of strong healthy nails.

Keeps cholesterol levels in the healthy range

Have you been struggling with lipid metabolism and skyrocketing cholesterol levels? Grab yourself some diatomaceous earth next time you go shopping.

Strong teeth and bones

The hard outer enamel that protects teeth requires silica in order to remain strong, and so do the bones in our body. Really, there’s no going wrong with silica.

Keeps pests away from food

If you’ve got legumes such as beans, maize, barley or wheat that you need to store, add some DE to them and you will not have to worry about the pesky pets that want to forcibly share your harvest with you.

Makes sure the beg bugs don’t bite

Beg bugs can wreak havoc in a home, but with some keen application of DE you need not worry about those lingering bites. Even FDA knows this.

Keeps fleas away from your pets

Treating your pets with DE is a great way to keep the fleas away. Don’t forget to apply the DE to your pet’s favorite spots in the house, such as their favorite carpets, napping areas etc

Garden pest control

Garden pests can ruin one’s gardening experience, but you need not allow it. Use DE to kill any pests that you don’t need in the garden, including slugs and beetles.

Cockroach, spider and tick control

Next time you see a spider, don’t panic. Instead of screaming, order yourself some DE and spend the next day dusting the hang out spots of these household pests.

Fridge deodorizer Aromas in the fridge can easily turn into odors if left unchecked. Place a small container of diatomaceous earth in your fridge of freezer to get rid of these odors.

Garbage deodorizer

If you’re tired of dealing with stinking garbage cans, just sprinkle some diatomaceous earth in the bottom of the can. You’ll be glad you did.