5 Unique Diatomaceous Earth Facts

Diatomaceous earth or DE in short is the fossilized cells from diatoms that are ground into a fine powder. Diatoms are single celled algae and phytoplankton that serve as the primary source of food for marine life. Diatomaceous earth can be broadly categorized into food grade and industrial grade types. While the industrial grade type is toxic to humans and pets, the food grade type is not only safe, but also beneficial to the body thanks to its unique features and properties. Silica and Diatomaceous earth have both been linked with raising spiritual awareness and helping people to take control of their health.

Given that DE is formed from marine organisms, it is safe to say that it can only come from marine ecosystems. These include seas, oceans and lakes. It is mined from sediments in the above mentioned ecosystems where it accumulates over a prolonged duration of time. It is then ground into a fine powder and used either on its own or added to other products. Diatomaceous earth is 100% natural compound that only needs to be ground for ease of use.

Diatomaceous earth has many uses. For the industrial category, it is used in the manufacturing of pressurized liquids, pesticides and paints just to mention but a few. The food grade type is mostly used in its natural state as a supplement. It is also added into different products that are meant for human and pets use such as foods, beverages, beauty products and medicine.

Diatomaceous Earth – A Spiritual Mineral

Diatomaceous earth is associated with numerous benefits in humans and animals. These benefits include;

1. The powder is rich in silica that is important in the formation of healthy bones, teeth, hair and nails. It is therefore used as a supplement or added to toothpastes and beauty products because of the above benefits. It is also used to manage osteoporosis, a condition that arises when calcium is depleted in the bones and joints leading to pain and fractures that can in some cases be fatal. Silica is also important in collagen production and the powder helps in collagen production and skin regeneration that works to reduce skin aging and help people affected by skin conditions such as vertigo.

diatomaceous earth deodorant2. The powder is a natural deodorant that works for people who may find solutions such as baking soda to be too alkaline and unfriendly to their skin. The powder does not hinder sweat production meaning that it is safe and does not interfere with normal body functioning.

3. The powdered particles are cylindrical and carry a negative ionic charge. This enables them to attract and trap positively charged particles and parasites and eliminate them from the body. The powder is known to be effective in detoxifying and De-worming. Thanks to its detoxifying ability, the powder has been effective in regulate bowel movements, reduce gastrointestinal inflammation and clean the colon. Detoxifying also works to increase the rate at which the body absorbs and makes use of important nutrients.

4. Due to its structure, the powder particles are able to kills parasites and bugs such head lice, bed bugs and lice on both humans and animals.

5. The powder is added to grains and legumes to keep them dry. This works to safeguard against spoilage and the growth of mold.

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