Holistic Healing Medicines – Natural Ways To Detox and Cleanse

Detoxing the body can serve as a great way to restore cell’s health and give them a boost to improve their overall function. From a health and holistic point of view most medical practitioners have come to realize that cleansing the system and resetting body fluids can be a great way to help restore the body from the inside out.

All of this becomes critically important when we want to talk about boosting brain health naturally so we have clear and clean cognitive function and ability. Cogniflex is a natural nootropic supplement that helps memory and focus related problems which works in conjunction with the health benefits of juicing regularly.

A detox program can help with many things such as weight loss, clearing skin, coping with addictions and having great overall health.

Why Detox?

In our daily lives, our body can be exposed to toxins that we may not even be aware of. The human body can absorb substances by merely inhaling air, so if it is polluted air, for example, those pollutants enter the body’s system.

As much as we watch the food we eat, there are countless of food additives and ingredients that contain chemicals and preservatives that have probably already been mixed as food ingredients and can quickly be absorbed by our system. These toxins cause the body’s defenses and immune system to weaken and can bring unwanted ailments and disease.

These are some of the reasons why we must detoxify the body. One of them is that it greatly helps in achieving weight loss since it relieves the body of harmful substances that can make the bodywork inefficiently, resulting in making us sluggish and unhealthy. The following are some detox plans that are natural and known to be effective:

Lemon Cleanse

Given the highly acidic property of lemon, simply adding it to your drinking water is a natural way of detoxifying the body. It aids in breaking down molecules in the body for weight loss effect. Be careful not to rush things though, for too much of this acid can affect the enamel of your teeth, so as long as you keep yourself hydrated and do a lemon cleanse in moderation regularly, you’re in for a healthier, slimmer you.

Juice Cleanse

Juicing is a great way for the body to fully and quickly absorb the highest nutrients from food. Extracting juices not only from fruits, but mixing and matching recipes that include green, leafy vegetables to get the much needed vitamins and minerals is necessary for a whole spectrum approach. Leave the skin on since it has the most fibers and other important substances for maximum absorption by the body.

Add espirulina to your juice mix to make it extra detoxing. If you want a complete skin treatment is a good idea to take silica supplements while doing a juice cleanse to help the skin get a vibrant touch.

Also doTERRA reviews about their essential oils products are receiving great feedback because they are made with quality ingredients can help restore skin and give it freshness when paired up with a juice cleanse.

Salt Cleanse

Salt has a lot of benefits like removing bacteria from the lungs, it is known to aid in conditions such as asthma, allergies and skin irritations. Use this salt therapy regimen consistently, by bathing a maximum of three times a week in a warm bath with Epsom salts. Soak yourself in a salt bath that has an aroma that you prefer and which is soothing for you.

Sweat Cleanse

Sweating is an absolute way to get toxins out of your system and result in weight loss. Relax for a while in a sauna or steam room to sweat out the harmful substances and naturally remove them from your body.

This is a peaceful, calming way to do it. Otherwise, hype up with some routine exercise such as jogging or brisk walking or any other activity that keeps you moving and makes you sweat.

Drink a lot of water afterwards when doing a sweat cleanses to keep your body hydrated.

Lymphatic Cleanse

Having a massage of the lymphatic system allows lymph, the fluid that carries waste products, to flow out freely away from the body and regulates its movement, attaining detox effects. All these detox plans maximize the body’s functions to be in its best shape. It is best to choose the right method that works for you to bring about your desired results.

As we continue to always keep our spiritual vibe, remember the cleaner your body the better your brain works inside and out. Have a clean body, have a clean mind, and always stay positive throughout life!